Ketahui Bagaimana Konsistenkan Tabiat Baru Untuk Jadi Seseorang Yang Baru

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Show me your routine and I will show you your future.

Regarding my 90 Days Challenge To A New You, the real struggle is when you reach 70/90 days journey.

In that time, your old programming will appear sedikit demi sedikit to influence you and get you back to the old you.

As well, I learn that 4 things that will make you consistent and successful to get through it is,

1. Your big why
2. Discipline
3. Be patient
4. Delay gratifications (almost same as point no.3)

Being the NEW you is all about you change YOUR STATE.

Secara teori, you can change to a new person, new personality within seconds.

The question that will appear in your mind, “how can I make this permanent?”

Of course the better one.

Sebelum saya reveal jawapan, kita kena faham HUKUM cause + effect.

Akar cantik, maka cantiklah batang, dahan dan buah.
Akar buruk, rosak maka buruklah batang. Buah tak sempat pun keluar, pokok dah mati.

What cause your personal reality?
Apa yang menyebabkan your action?
Apa yang membuatkan anda jalani realiti anda yang sekarang? — income, duduk rumah apa, berapa savings, level of knowledge etc.

Its your personality.

What leads to your personality?
Its your thoughts, feelings.

Where it come from?
Through what you SEE and LISTEN.

This is the fundamental that I found out through my 90 Days Challenge To A New You:

SEE and LISTEN > Programming > Thought > Feeling > Action = Result

What you see and listen will lead to your programming
Your programming will lead to your thought
Your thought will lead to your feeling
Your feeling will lead to your action

Belakang lagi daripada SEE and LISTEN, it also include what you SEE and LISTEN during your childhood.

What words and scenario that you face off during your childhood?

Does it good or bad?

It also include during your primary, secondary school, campus life include in your career, business. What experience that you go through until your current life?

All of this will become your programming.

Programming ni antaranya ia hasilkan what kind of belief system yang you ada.

Nampak (SEE) orang kaya
+ Orang kaya ni dermawan, peramah (PROGRAMMING – belief system)
+ Dalam kepala (thoughts) dah fikir orang kaya sedekah etc
+ Perasaan (feelings) rasa bahagia dapat tengok orang kaya ni jenis dermawan
+ Jadi inspirasi dan make us want to work harder (action)

Then some days you jadi orang kaya with the same action – orang kaya yang dermawan (result).

Why I mention this statement?

Show me your routine and I will show you your future.

Your routine ni yang akan tentukan whats your result for the next 5 years.

Routine ni cause — what you SEE and LISTEN… yang akhirnya lead to result (effect).

If you kept asking and wondering why you still the same person as 5 years ago, check out your daily routine.

Less than 25 days to reach 2020.

Its time to pause, take a close look of what you are for this 5 years — routine, what you see and listen, who are your circles, books that you read, class that you go, goals that you achieve

… does it getting better or worse?

P/s: My hand still under recovery from operation. Yet I still commit to write this write up. Its a reflection for myself as well. Remember the 4 things… one of it is discipline, do what you have to do even you dont like it or dont want to do it.

And insya-Allah if you make it stay (discipline), very soon you gonna achieve all of your goals. Insya-Allah.

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